General Information

Applications are accepted throughout the year and reviewed in May, September and December. Please read our application process carefully before applying.

What We Fund

  • Community organizations with a preference given to locations where McCain Foods operations are based
  • Educational initiatives
  • Community-based and focused organizations
  • Health and social-service organizations
  • Environmental initiatives
  • Specific organizations supported by Harrison McCain in his lifetime

What We Do Not Fund

  • Individuals
  • Research grants
  • Organizations that are primarily religious in nature
  • Political campaigns or organizations
  • Events and/or sponsorships
  • Endowments
  • General capital campaigns
  • Mass mailings/circulars

Preparing Your Application

  • Requests should be a maximum of five pages and should be submitted through mail as a hardcopy.
  • Identify your organization and who is requesting the funding.
  • Indicate if this is your first request. If you have previously received funding from the Harrison McCain Foundation, please provide an overview of the outcomes of your previous grant.
  • Indicate the problem(s) to be addressed by the grant, such as an operational budget shortfall, capital or equipment project, new initiative, etc.
  • Describe your desired outcomes and how you will measure them.
  • Describe the sustainability of the project.
  • List all funding partners, both short- and long-term.
  • Include a detailed budget for your project.
  • Include your commitment to report on the grant project when it’s completed.
  • Include a list of board members.
  • Include a summary of your most recent financial statements.
  • Include your charitable organization identification number.

Submitting Your Application

Applications may be submitted at any time but are reviewed in May, September and December. Completed applications must be received on or before April 15, August 15 or November 15 to be considered for the upcoming review.

Please submit a hard copy of your completed application to:

Harrison McCain Foundation
8800 Main Street,
Florenceville-Bristol, NB
E7L 1B2


Our Scholarships and Bursaries

To apply for a scholarship or bursary, please contact your institution’s financial services office.